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The Best Merlo Wines for Your Celebration

Merlots are popular red wines which go well with rich foods like BBQ, roasted meats, lasagna and cheese. Merlots, made from merlot grapes, are one of the most popular red wine varietals in the United States. In the language of the French wine regions, where merlot grapes originated, the word merlot means "young blackbird."


A mutant merlot grape that produces white grapes (and white wine) has been found. This is distinct from the rosé wine sometimes sold as "White Merlot."


These five merlots were rated top choices by Consumer Reports.
  Columbia Crest, $11, 2004
  Yellow Tail, $8, 2006
  Bogle, $9, 2005
  Walnut Crest, $6, 2005
  Delicato, $18, 2005

Any of these merlot wines would be a fine choice for your Open That Bottle Night activities.

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