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The Best Riesling Wines for Your OTBN Celebration

Rieslings are white wines made of riesling white grapes, historically grown in France, Germany and Italy. Riesling grapes were first written about in the year 1435.


Rieslings go well with white meats and cheeses. When young the wines have a fruity aroma, which may include notes of apples, grapefruit, peach, honey and green grass. The high acidity of riesling wines makes them suitable for extended aging, and there are examples of enjoyable bottles in excess of 100 years of age.

These four rieslings were the top choices by Consumer Reports.
  Covey Run, $8, 2005
  Columbia Crest Two Vines, $8, 2005
  Hogue, $9, 2005
  Chateau Ste. Michelle, $9, 2005

These riesling wines would be a excellent choice for a couple's Open That Bottle Night celebration.

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