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You might indicate where you were, how many people participated, the significance of the bottles that you opened, and anything else that would show why the evening was special for you.


Chicago OTBN Celebration, 2008






In late 1992 I moved from Flagstaff, AZ to the Midwest for career advancement.  As a departure gift, a close friend gave me a bottle of 1982 Cabernet Sauvignon from Sterling Vinyards Diamond Mountain Ranch.  Over the years I carted it from place to place as my work moved me around the country.  In 2007, we relocated from Manhattan, NY to northern Delaware.  My wife and I had purchased a home, and were back in NYC for a final dinner with Aussie friends from the Australian consulate.  That evening happened to be OTBN, so we chose a BYOB Thai restaurant in our neighborhood, and I brought along the well-traveled Cabernet.

We didn’t know what to expect…it had not been cellared properly, and had been subject to plenty of abuse from many moves during the years.  It was now 25 years old, though, and past time to open it.

The dry cork crumbled; its bits in each glass didn’t dampen our curiosity or enthusiasm.  The wine was fabulous!  It was smooth, with delicious fruit and perfect complexity.  We all enjoyed it tremendously.

The following week I phoned my old friend who gave me the bottle, with whom I had not been in contact for many years.  I related stories of the bottle’s travels and its ultimate consumption, and we enjoyed catching each other up on our lives.

OTBN 2007 brought together new friends to enjoy great wine and a wonderful dinner while marking a transition from a former home to a new home.  As a bonus, it provided impetus to reacquaint old friends across the miles.  That was an OTBN well celebrated!

Rob Specter

OTBN 2009 happens to be falling on the Sixth Annual Taste of Hospitality, an annual fundraiser for Friendship Inn. Friendship Inn is a Hospitality House benefiting the University of Kansas Hospital. We provide a home-away-from-home environment for people coming from all over the country with loved ones receiving care at this local hospital. I can't think of a better way to celebrate open that bottle night than with our dear friends who support such a wonderful charity.
Check out our website at
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share our reason to Open That Bottle!
Michelle Morse, J.D.

from Brandon, Feb. 2009

So, the day I turned 21, I bought a bottle of 1986 Saint Julien Grand vin de Leoville du Marquis de Las Cases.
Mind you, I had no idea what that meant back then...I took the advice of an employee at the wine shop.
(Of course...I was living in Dallas, Texas, at the time, so read "wine shop" as "liquor store"...I digress...)
I walked in, green as grass, and informed the gentleman that I wanted to buy a bottle of wine I could enjoy with my son when he turned 21.
He asked me how old my son was, to which I replied, "What son?"
He smiled and informed me that I'd need to spend a fair amount on a bottle that would last as long as I would obviously require it to and I assured him that money was no obstacle. I walked out with the bottle and instructions on how to properly cellar it...
That was October 1991.
Fast forward 18 years.
I have never married, presumably preferring a string of failed relationships, and I never had that son, having subsequently changed my mind on the matter.
I do, however, still have the bottle of wine, and I've painstakingly transported it through all my moves and relocations over the intervening years.
Curiously, I didn't drink a single bottle of wine in between 1991 and 2004...nary a drop...
I moved to California in mid 2004 and decided, among other things, to take up drinkin' a classy sort of way, I assure you.
I began experimenting with California Cabs and Pinots...Zins...blends...everything, and In the 5 years hence I've developed a bit of a palate.
All the while, in the back of my mind, I've been thinking,
"I can't open that bottle of Leoville until two conditions are met; a.) I have a fuller understanding of wines so as to properly appreciate it,
and b.) some momentous event transpires.
Both conditions have now been met.
I've just returned from summiting Mount Kilimanjaro, the first of my Seven Summits attempt. One down...six to go.
(This is what has replaced my nesting instinct, you conquest of Earth's mountainous regions...)
On the flight back from Dar Es Salaam I was pondering opening the bottle...a celebratory kick-off.
Yesterday, I heard about about OTBN on NPR here in LA and thought, acronyms are cool...opening the bottle is even cooler.
Feb 28th it is...

A bien tot.

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