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How Will You Celebrate Open That Bottle Night?

Many people and couples celebrate Open That Bottle Night alone, but maybe you are thinking of gathering some friends together to open their bottles. What activities would be fun?

Is dinner in the plans? As the host, you may want to prepare a wine-friendly main course. This could be lamb osso buco, bouillabaisse, or herb-roasted chicken. Serve with traditional French bread. Or, ask each attendee to bring a substantial hors d euvre.

Remind everyone that they should not wear perfume or cologne to the party.

You can display the bottles of wine lined up by age, or whiter to darker.

A blind wine tasting of everyone's special bottle can be fun. When all the votes are tallied, award little prizes to the persons who brought the best and worst wines.

If everyone attending is a traveler and/or photographer, invite each attendee to bring 50 to 100 of their favorite photos on a thumb drive. Set up a large-screen TV or computer and video projector to show the photos. In a pinch, you can use a laptop plus a secondary monitor for groups up to about 6 to 10 persons.

Prepare for Next Year

Take some photos at the event, and place them with labels from the wine bottles in a scrapbook to be enjoyed during the next event.

Remember that Open That Bottle Night is a time for fun and fond memories.

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