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What Makes a Particular Bottle of Wine Special?

Fine wine requires fine grapes and great vintner skillMost of us have a special bottle of wine, champagne or spirits tucked away in a closet or in the back of the refrigerator. The bottle is special because of who gave it to us, or why they gave it to us, or why we bought it, or even if we made it ourselves.


The originators of Open That Bottle Night realized that we all have such bottles, but we never find just the right occasion to open them up and enjoy the contents. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. OTBN gives us the needed push to retrieve that bottle from its hiding place, pop the cork and do with the wine what it was meant for.


To some oenophiles (wine lovers) a special bottle of wine is one that came from a particular wine region and is of a particular year. To a married couple, it may be a bottle of ordinary wine or champagne that was given them at their wedding.


Whatever makes your bottle of wine special to you, Open That Bottle Night is the annual event in which those special bottles are brought out to help us share our lives and celebrate the memories.

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